Thursday, March 4, 2010

Soldier In Pink - fundraising For Darryl

I met Darryl Markette through Candy Coburn, the singer and song writer of, "Pink Warrior". When you hear a song, that hits so close to home, about anything, you instantly fall in love. I had this same feeling towards his two songs, that were written, in memory of his Aunt. Darryl's goal this year, is to be able to
preform his songs, around the US at all of the 3-day walks.
Please help him reach his goal by going to itunes and downloading his two songs,
"Soldier In Pink" and "Pinko De May"..

As you continue to read, you will learn more about Darryl, his music, and his
"My fundraisers, "Pinko De May" and "Soldier In Pink" are a bit unique. I wrote and performed Soldier In Pink last year live in a pink bra and cow boy hat, at the Chicago 3 day as a first time walker in honor of my Aunt that past a few years ago. I have now made this song available on iTunes for just .99 cents. It rocks and everyone that hears this just loves it all though,I do not have the exposure that Candy has with her song, there is no reason all our 3-day supporters wouldn't buy it once they hear it. ALL proceeds I receive from Itunes (about 25 cents a song) will goto my 3 day goal.. So as you can see I need to sell a boat load to get this to work."
Dedicated to My Aunt Phylis gone far to young

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  1. Thanks For The Post ;)

    Download SOLDIER IN PINK today on iTunes ONLY .99c
    Help me reach my 2010 3Day Walk goal